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School Setup

Educoordinator lets you to add information about school. You can easily add your logo, medium of education, affiliated boards at this place. This is a short view of your school or institution.

Calendar Setup

Calendar Setup allows you to make entire academic session where you can set the status of months and days active or inactive according to you. You can add or delete the session when needed.

Course Setup

Educoordinator's Course Setup permits to create list of classes and courses offered in your school. Total sections of concerning class and strength of students in those sections can be add up easily.

Employee Setup

Employee Setup will have the information regarding each employee. Key reports like roll of the employee in your school, the salary component, leaves allowed and off policies are given inside the section.

User Groups

If you want to have your user to access limited modules or the modules of your choice then you can easily do it with user group. You can catagorize students and employees and assign appropriate module to attain.


Fill the textbox with the prime location of your school. Mention the information of country, state and city where your school is located.


News management helps you to create news about the events occuring in your school. This information is accessible to the students, employees and parents as well.

Web Content

Educoordinator does everything for you. If you are looking for a beautiful website that represent your school then we are here to meet your desires. A fully customized web is off you to add relevant information.

Bulk SMS

Send notifications to your users through bulk sms service. Students can easily come to know about exams, assignments, holidays and other tasks. In the same way parents can be informed about results, meetings etc .

Manage Employee

Name, id, contact detail, bank account info are the basic details of an employee you have to deal with. Here you can fill this section with the information of each employee and can access it anytime.


Will take attendance of both students and employees. A clean graphical view is also available to demonstrate the overall presence, absence and leave.

Pay Scale

A pay scale is a struct pay format where new employees are placed at a given pay level based on their level of education and work experience related to the position.

Salary management

Assign salary to employees as per their grades and designation. You can add bonus as well.

Employee Department

Administrators can easily form multiple department of employees and can take various actions on that.

Leave Management

Leave Management allow to decide leaves for each grade of employees. Employees can request for the leave online. You can make it approve/disapprove or delete with the options given.

Fee Setting

Educoordinator offers student fee collection that can be readily handled by admin. Fee setting have fee type, its behavior and policies which make your task done within a few minutes.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure allows for effortless making of student and employee fee module complete with detailed printable reports.

Fee Installment

Add or update fee installment, due date, late fee agree to your school's terms and conditions. This is all online.

Student Management

Educoordinator integrates student record including general and academic details conveniently and securely online. Also stores the information of students who have already leave.

Fee Master

Fee Master lets you quickly sort overall fee of both students and employees, can easily supervise fee submission of all students and employees, or individually selected ones.

Student Certificate

Generate transfer and character certificates for students when they leave.


Its quite easy to perform readmission of any student. As previous record of student is already there, you need to fill a sort of information and it will done within seconds.

User Management

Users like admin, employee, student are allowed to create their account and are facilitated to do lots of things. Multiple users are allowed to do group conversation also.

Section Allotment

Depending on your class strength allot sections to students. Make necessary updations when needed.

Class Teachers

Each class should have a class teacher to manage all activities. You can easily allot teachers to the specific class with educoordinator.

Time Table

Educoordinator manages schedule for the lectures and their appropriate timing. Any changes will be displayed immidiately.

Syllabus Scheduling

Allow teachers to consider a time interval to cover up the lessons/units for each class and submit the date when completed.

Exam Setup

Educoordinator is flexible enough to regulate exams. It handles session for the exams, evaluates and maintains results (Grading or Non-grading), generates question papers, hall tickets and marksheets.

Exam Scheduling

In Exam Scheduling its just simple to create exam schedule for different classes and can easily update on requirement.

Question Papers

Compose online question papers by simply adding an external excel or pdf file and address it to the precise class. Can easily do this with the browse button given.


The result section uses the interactive database which includes student marks, exam type, class and section if there. Status of result declaration is given out of there.

Generate Reports

Educoordinator automatically completes report cards using the school’s mutual database. Report cards are totally customizable so you can add the information that you want to show in marksheets.

CCE Setup

CCE Setup refers to a system of school based evaluation of a student that covers all aspects of a student development.

CCE Assessment

Associating assessment type and tools with specific time duration. This is just to improve student's analytical and practical skills.

CCE Schedules

CCE Scheduling let you to make timetable for events and tasks. You can keep eye on regular status and take various actions.

CCE Reports

You Can generate reports of end result after CCE has been taken and save in pdf format. You can take a quick view of marksheets as well.

Library Setup

Here you will find how easy to manage your books of different department. You allowed to use tags to differentiate books and have exact capacity of racks in library.

Manage Books

Allows to Keep record of total books and detail of each book. You can easily check whether requ book is available or not.

Search Books

Search book of your choice by its number or title. Books can also sort with its tag or even with the author name of respective book.

Book Issue

Book Issue scheme offers a flexible report optimized for adding details regarding the book issue. Add details when the book will be returned so that another student can issue it.

Book Renewal

Educoordinator offers an individual tab to manage the process of book renewal.

Book Reserve

Reservation of books is easily handled with the help of educoordinator. You can search reserved books by its number or admission id.

Hostel Setup

Feed information about hostels you are providing, hostel type, room capacity and much more. Use this report to find availibility of rooms for new admissions.

Hostel Request

Get report of hostel requests arised by students or staff memebers. You can make approval to the requests with a small click.

Outing Request

Educoordinator integrates outing requests for employees and students. Requests can be view anytime and allow to make necessary changes.

Visitor Management

Receive information of visitors in the hostel. Data table complete with visitor's general information, his/her relation with hostler, visiting date and time etc.

Mess Management

Setup of mess including inventories, items and their associated transactions can be handled with Educoordinator.

Transport Setup

Transport Setup designed to have record of vehicle type (bus, van etc) and detail of corresponding workers for school transportation.

Transport Request

Students and school staff members can easily request to get transport facility.

Vehicle Management

Educoordinator leads the management of vehicles available in the school by giving vehicle number, registration number etc. and can add new vehicle to the transport facility.

Route Management

With Route Management you will have command to take care of routes from source to destination, optimized cost and distance to cover.

Driver Management

In Transport management you can also configure generic information of drivers specific to the routes.

Route Fee Collection

Accumulate fee acoording to each route. Fine description is available to find out what amount has to pay for individual route.

General Transaction

Incorporates details signifying each payment method as such Credit Card, Net Banking, Debit Card or Cash. Basic account info of users has been stored for vital estimation.

Account Setting

It is a secured platform with strict admin controls. Helps you in handling confidential account data.

Multicurrency Setup

With this option, you can do accounting with multiple currencies.

Inventory Management

Keeps record of inventory items perchased for your school and detail of expenses. Here you can attach bill copy of perticulars.

Financial Reports

Gives control over financial database. Generates accurate and transparent reports of fee management tasks like 'ledger accounting', 'trail-balance sheet', 'profit-loss sheet' and' balance report' etc.


A complete solution for your transactions. Tracks details of academic fee, bank info, investment and fee.

Fee Collection

It is a highly transparent system which offers excellent control over fee collection for both students and employees.


You will have track of everything related to payrolls. It facilitates you to generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid/unpaid, TDS, PFs etc.

Translator Tool

Group Management

Allowed to create group of students and employees. It could be sports, music, dance or other.

Task Reminder

Set reminder for specific tasks which you have to perform on later time and you will be notified shortly on the same date.

Online Education

Educoordinator proposes a very helpful tool for easy and quick learning. Its a e-learning platform where you can always stay in touch with your faculty.

Finance System

We provide rough solution for accounting where there is no need to use external software.

School Analyzer

School Analyzer is a graphical section which represents attendance, fee, exam results, hostel chart to show rooms and capacity and transportion to find availibity of seats.

Event Calendar

Display events, examination, holidays and dues in the calendar. Description can also be given to any event created.


Calculator tool is given to do quick calculations. Integrated on the main window for instant access.

System Search

Global search option featured to search anything from the portal.

Photo Gallery

Upload photos of various events occuring in your school. Arrange photos by providing different event names.

Multilanguage Support

A significant feature of educoordinator by which you can always be in touch with students and parents. You can directly send sms in any language to notify them.

Quick Search

Put some id on the search bar and you are able to get short profile of any user within seconds.

Interactive GUI

An efficient and easy-to-navigate GUI system which helps in conserved usage and control of each and every user accounts.

Easy to Use

The biggest advantage of bringing educoordinator into use is that you will get familiar with in less than 10 minutes. It is free from any installation process and provides a friendly platform to work.

Secure & Authentic

Educoordinator propitiate all modern web security standards. We already having many use that satisfied with our user so you need not worry about data security.


The pricing is decided as per number of users. Here each and every thing is according to your requirement, it would be fully satisfactory for you.

Multilanguage Support

A significant feature of educoordinator by which you can always be in touch with students and parents. You can directly send sms in any language to notify them.

Mobile Version

Mobile version of Educoordinator is also provided. You can do your daily supervision even at the time when you are not in the school.

24*7 Support

Educoordinator team offers elegant customer support with 24/7 availability. We deliver complete and frequent solution to your queries and doubts.

Device Compatibility

We offer the system which is absolutely compatible with devices of any size. Educoordinator proposes a responsive plateform so that you can use it at any place according to your convenience.


As a Educoordinator reseller associate, you’ll get a customized, re-branded version of this system that allows you to offer complete software marketing, a self-service execution or a combination of both.

White label

Educoordinator offers white label to our users, White Label prefer to support independent brands, No matter the strategy, our process is set to help our audience, and our mission forward.

Video Tutorial

Allow you to know the basic working of educoordinator. You can go through complete video tutorial of each and every module.